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About us

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  • We are a Greek-law company established in 1997 from existing resources and is based on a successful track record in Greece, specializing in, Aviation Business Development and Marketing of various high technology products and services, in the field of Defense.

  • Although many factors go towards making a successful company, our belief is that the most critical are the quality and the dedication of own people.

  • All we are skilled experienced professionals, who have been directly involved in our respective field for decades. We have been selected because we are motivated and “solutions” oriented. We are a dynamic group of highly qualified engineers, covering all main disciplines in the areas of procurement and services mainly in the sectors of technology, defense and offset benefits.

  • In addition to our own resources, we have collaborated with a select group of established Aircraft Sales and Leasing companies, Repair Stations; Supply companies and skilled Pilots and Engineers to provide a wider range of capability and resources.

  • We are committed to providing the highest quality materials and services at the best value in our markets.  Closely working with our customers we provide our valued OEM suppliers with strategic inventory planning which allows for more efficient production runs.

  • Through our detailed database we are able to locate “approved sources” for many hard to find items that have long since gone obsolete.  This offers our customers unique solutions to their toughest procurement needs.

  • Our people have managed so far quite successfully some of the recent big projects in the civil and defense environment thus disposing a very effective knowledge and experience. This is due to our unique capability to identify news areas of business in which EUROPEAN AIR SUPPORT LTD can excel by selecting a range of technologies from abroad, which it now markets, competitive in Greece.

  • EUROPEAN AIR SUPPORT LTD has created a flexible organization, in which accomplish its effective obey and the unique capability for immediate adaptation to the challenges of the modern business environment.

  • Our customers are: Hellenic Armed Forces, Hellenic Aerospace Industry, Olympic Airways, Hellenic Airspace Authority, and various Privet Enterprises and Industries around the world.


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